Keeping Clients and Caregivers Safe During COVID-19

April 20, 2020 - Helpers Care - in category General

Keeping Client & Caregivers Safe During COVID-19

At Helpers Care, keeping clients and caregivers safe and happy are always our focus. We continue to provide home care services during these challenging times of COVID-19. Furthermore, we’re following the strategies recommended by CanadianProvincial governments and the WHO to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Masks are used to prevent spread COVID-19
Face masks are used to prevent spread COVID-19 

What We Are Doing

  • All team members have received communication and training regarding COVID-19. Safety protocols, travel reporting requirements, and Health Canada advisories. As well as proper handwashing techniques, social distancing etiquette, and warning signs of illness. This helps ensure the safety of our clients and caregivers as well as others.
  • Also, we work closely with the facilities on any protocols, exchange of information or other guidelines as necessary.
  • We will not accept new clients who demonstrate symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Or, who have travelled in the past thirty days.

Rest assured, keeping our clients, caregivers safe as well as our partners are one of our top objectives at Helpers Care.
Thank you for putting your trust in Helpers Care.
Be safe & stay healthy!
The Helpers Care Team

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