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The Discussion Begins With Patience

Home care services, talking to your parents about this can seem daunting and scary, especially if they’re resistant to the idea. Where do you start? How do you handle the tough questions? How do you alleviate their fears? With our tips, your patience, and a lot of love, the discussion can go much smoother for everyone.

Daughter with Parents
The daughter speaks with her parents about home care.

Home Care: Discuss the Advantages

Some older adults can feel defensive if you bring up home care in the wrong way. Most of the time, they are afraid they’ll lose their independence or that they’ll become a burden. It’s hard to ask for help, and they may see a home care specialist as a reminder of all the things they can no longer do for themselves.

However, when you put the benefits of home care in the spotlight, you can help them see the positive side of hiring help. Instead of taking away their independence, show them that you’re helping them maintain that independence by giving them the tools to succeed.

It might help to compare hiring a home care specialist to an assisted living center. They get to stay in familiar surroundings and keep control over their lives while utilizing the experience and handiness of a helper around the house.

Ask What They Want

Some people begin the conversation by telling their loved ones what they need. That can set the tone of the discussion to the negative side. Instead, ask them what they want. This is the perfect time to ask if they’d like help with specific things like:

• Cleaning
• Grocery shopping
• Cooking
• Laundry

When you ask what kind of help they’d like instead of telling them what help they need, your loved ones feel in control. It shows them that they still have choices. It’s also a great way to bring up the individual, one-on-one attention they’ll receive.

Tell Them How Much It Would Help Someone Else

Being the only caregiver for an ageing parent or loved one is hard. Sometimes, it’s helpful to let your parents know you love being there for them, but you could use a little help yourself. If they’re still living with a spouse or significant other, you can also say how much home care could help them, too.

Some conversation starters:

• “Mom, I’m so worried about you. I would feel so much better if we had someone here during the times I can’t be. How do you feel about that?”
• “Dad, wouldn’t it be great to have someone here to help Mom with the baking when I’m at work?”
• “I don’t want you to miss out on that big sale. Maybe we could have someone come to help you shop next week while I’m away.”

When you frame the idea as an assistant for you or their spouse and not a caregiver specifically for them, it may help them see a new side of the situation.

While it’s a useful tactic to talk about helping you care for your loved ones, make sure they know that they’re not a burden to you. It’s important to tell them how much you enjoy being around and that you value your time together. But it’s not always possible for you to be there, and you’d feel much better knowing someone was there to help while you’re away.

Alleviate Their Fears

Stories of elder abuse in the news can be stressful for ageing parents and loved ones. They may imagine their safety is at risk by allowing a stranger into their home. First, acknowledge those fears. Listen to their worries and show them you understand.

Then, help alleviate their fears by explaining how you can find trustworthy care. An experienced home care agency will have well-trained and compassionate staff and will be willing to answer all their questions. You can read reviews together or ask for references from satisfied customers. Including your loved ones in the process of finding elderly care can go a long way in making them feel more comfortable and confident in that decision.

Talk About the Monetary Benefits

Many seniors worry about money. They may fear that home care is simply too expensive. Help them understand working with a home care agency is often less costly than they think.

Most seniors resist the idea of home care out of fear or simple misunderstandings. Our tips tackle those fears and unravel the mysteries to help your loved ones feel more comfortable with the idea of in-home elderly care from a reliable home care agency. When your senior loved ones feel heard, understood, and respected, it’s much easier to help them find affordable solutions to their home care needs. So, sit down and talk it out.

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